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John SavageJohn Savage BSc(Hons) FAIA FFA FFTA FIAB, director of the firm, started his accountancy business in November 1985 following a period of nearly ten years employed by Customs & Excise in the field of Value Added Tax. This gained him considerable experience with this complicated form of taxation, in which he also gained experience of investigation techniques, appeal work and VAT law. During 1985 he quit this employment in order to form his own VAT business. Following his qualifying as an accountant, John's services expanded to include all forms of accountancy and tax advice, specifically geared to small businesses, companies and private individuals.

In 1994 he qualified as a Fellow of the International Association of Book-keepers. He was admitted as an Associate of the Institute of Financial Accountants in 1995 and in 2011 was made a Fellow.

Also in 2011 he was admitted into the Federation of Tax Advisers as a fellow.

John was admitted into the Association of International Accountants as a fellow  during 2014. His father, who died when John was a child, was a member of this association, and so he is very pleased to be following in his father's footsteps.

John took a year off running his original accountancy practice during 2008, and now runs his practice from his office right in the centre of Truro. He says “I’ve been around the block a few times in accountancy, and although there are inevitably stresses and struggles meeting the many constant deadlines, after a much needed break during my working life nine years ago I’m back to loving what I do - dealing with my clients and their needs and problems, crunching the numbers, helping their businesses to grow and keeping them out of the ‘tax prison’. Hopefully they see me as a friendly face and someone they can easily to call to discuss their business and tax affairs.”

In addition to his normal accountancy services offered, and having had investigation experience whilst employed by HM Customs and Excise, and more recent experience of defending investigations and in-depth VAT inspections whilst practicing as an accountant, John likes to specialise in assisting those unfortunate people selected for a tax enquiry.



Emma SavageEmma Savage BA (Hons) MAAT joined the firm in June 2014 having taken a break from accountancy to pursue other interests and start a family.

She is also now a director of the company.

Emma's accountancy career began in the public sector within the Education Accountancy Department of Cornwall Council, before moving to the private sector well-known local accountancy firm, Robinson Reed Layton. There she gained experience of auditing and drafting accounts for large companies and charities.

She left in 2005 to study at Falmouth University, where she gained a degree in Fine Art before joining the firm of John Savage Accountancy and resuming her accountancy career.

John says "Emma is an indispensable member of the firm, and her accuracy and attention to detail will help assist our clients in complying with their responsibilities in meeting the ever increasing burden of regulations poured out by MPs and bureaucrats who have never run a business and who have very little idea of the complexities they cause for the ordinary small business person. She's a great asset to the firm."

Emma now works with limited companies, sole proprietors and partnerships in drafting accounts, tax returns and dealing with any other issues that arise for clients during the course of running their businesses.

When not working, Emma is busy being a mum for her 5 year old daughter Imogen and 1 year old daughter Erin, and she is often seen doing her favourite sport of distance running or visiting the gym.

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